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Volume 3, January 2015

Table of Contents



  • Sub alternity, Globalization and Balram Halwai

    - Md. Equebal Hussain
  • Structures of Reality: Post modernist Fiction and Reality

    - Baby Pushpa Sinha
  • Meena Kandasamy’s Touch: An Articulation of the Voice of the Marginalized

    - Mohan Lal Mahto
  • From The Mundane to the Meta physical- Recasting Territories in Jaydeep Sarangi’s A Door Somewhere?

    - Anju Sosan George
  • Lyrical Aspect in the Poems of Sarojini Naidu

    - Arti Kumari
  • A Study of Scobie’s Psyche in Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter

    - Akhilesh Kumar Akhil
  • Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters

    - Rupam Kumari
  • Think Healthy, Live Healthy: G. K. Chesterton’s 'On Running After One’s Hat'

    - Neelam Agrawal
  • The Subalterns Are the Most Fluid and Refreshing: Women Characters in the Plays of Girish Karnad

    - Priyaranjan Das
  • Resurrecting Native Pride: D.H. Lawrence's The Plumed Serpent

    - Richa Bhardwaj
  • A Feminist Reading of Tagore’s Selected Stories

    - Sarika Gupta
  • Cultural Studies of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's The Vine of Desire

    - Savita Yadav
  • Delineation of Love in the Poetry of Kamala Das

    - Tribhuwan Kumar
  • Text/Texts: Interrogating Julia Kristeva’s Concept of Intertextuality

    - P. Prayer Elmo Raj
  • The Plays of Girish Karnad: Critical Perspective

    - Rajesh Kumar Pandey
  • Views of Realism in Bhabani Bhattacharya's So Many Hungers! and Music For Mohini

    - Rajesh Kumar Sharma
  • ‘Identity’ and ‘Culture’ as Postcolonial Issues in Shakespeare’s Othello

    - Sandeep Kumar Dubey
  • A Visit to the Poetic World in Kulbhushan Kushal

    - Susanta Kumar Bardhan
  • Faith, Religion, Merit, Sin and Spirituality

    - Rama RaoVadapalli
  • Elements of Exile and Alienation in R. Parthasarathy’s poem ‘Trial’

    - Vinay Kumar Dubey
  • Growing Needs of Translation to Build and Promote Indo-Turkish Dialogue: Cultural Perspectives

    - Yugeshwar Sah
  • Iran and Turkmenistan: An Overview

    - Amit Kumar
  • The Role of Women Activism in Social Change: An Indian Perspective

    - Arvind Kumar
  • Political Mobilization on Caste and Development in Bihar: Some Observations

    - Nawal Kishore
  • India-ASEAN Relations: The Voyage of Eco-Political Multi lateralism

    - Rasmita Sahoo
  • Book Reviews

    Tribhuwan Kumar & Vijay Kumar Roy, eds. Comparative Literature: Critical Responses

    - Reviewed by Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava
  • S. Anand, ed. B.R. Ambedkar: Annihilation of Caste

    - Reviewed by Dr. Md. Equebal Hussain
  • Bishnupada Ray. White Lotus and Other Poems

    - Reviewed by Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi
  • Jaydeep Sarangi. A Door Somewhere

    - Reviewed by Mr. Rob Harle
  • S. L. Peeran. Eternal Quest

    - Reviewed by Dr. Yogesh Sharma
  • C.L. Khatri. Two-Minute Silence

    - Reviewed by Dr. Ram Bhagwan Singh
  • Aju Mukhopadhyay. Manhood, Grasshood and Birdhood

    - Reviewed by Dr.Vijay Kumar Roy
  • Sangeeta Mahesh. Ocean of Thoughts

    - Reviewed by Dr. Vijay Kumar Roy

    Ahmad Abidi

    Definition of love

    You have to come again

  • JaydeepSarangi


    A Door

  • Priyaranjan Das

    Blessing and Curse

  • Rob Harle

    Rainbow Bridge

    The Return Poems

  • Vinay Kumar Dubey

    I’m the Same, the Same as I Was

    For a Moment Only……..


  • Vijay Kumar Roy

    A Pious Pursuit

    Nurtured by Nature


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