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Volume 4, January 2016

Table of Contents



  • Religion, Science and Literature: An Integrated Vision of World Peace

    - Bir Singh Yadav
  • The Refugees’ Predicament: A Select Study of Indian Fiction

    - V Pala Prasada Rao
  • A Clinical and Textual Analysis of Stephen Gill’s Epic The Flame

    - Shobha Diwakar
  • Women Characters in the Works of Sarat Chandra

    - Bhaskar Roy Barman
  • Resisting and Assertive Stance of Pahari Women in Raman’s “Gaachi” and Bhatia’s “And a Song She Became”

    - Hem Raj Bansal
  • Cultural Conflicts and Hyphenated Existence in MeeraSyal’s Anita and Me

    - Mohan Lal Mahto
  • Feminist Perspective of Manju Kapur’s A Married Woman

    - Rupal S. Patel
  • A Study of Alienation in Shashi Despande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors

    - Vinay Kumar Dubey & B. N. Chaudhary
  • Love as Divine Power and Spiritual Gratification: An Analytical Study

    - Neelam Agrawal
  • Ecological Harmony in William Words worth's Selected Poems

    - Raj Kumar Swami
  • Poetic Sensibility of Jaydeep Sarangi: A Study of The Wall and Other Poems

    - Sandeep Kumar Sheoran
  • Silent Days Speak Aloud: A Critical Study of JaydeepSarangi’s Silent Days

    - Sibasis Jana
  • Realistic Approach of Life with Special Reference to Dalvir Singh Gahlawat's Poem “Self”

    - Nidhi Gehlot
  • Tagore’s Modernist Predilections: Incursions into an Unchartered Territory

    - Sravasti Guha Thakurta
  • A Commentary on Locales and Treatment: O.V. Vijayan’s The Legends of Khasak

    - Neerja A. Gupta
  • Shashi Tharoor’s Riot: A Postmodern Study

    - Rushiraj Waghela
  • India as the Uncivilized Other: Reading Kipling’s Letters of Marque

    - Sunil Sagar
  • Rhythmanalysing New York through Diasporic Lens: A Study of Nikhil Advani’s Kal Ho Naa Ho and Karan Johar’s Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

    - Minu Susan Koshy
  • ‘Diasporic Concerns’ and Picturization of ‘Predominance of Isolation' of Indian Woman in The Namesake: A Film Study

    - Sudhir Narayan Singh and Padma Singh
  • Conversational Code Mixing Among Jahangirnagar University Students: A Threat to Bengali or Not

    - Afroza Akhter Tina
  • Developing English Vocabulary of EFL Learners in Elementary Institute in Iran by Improving Long Term Memory

    - Saheleh Kheirabadi
  • Mind Versus Heart or Vice Versa: Semiotic Reading of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

    - Necat Kumral
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in West Asia and its Massive Influence in Iran: An Analysis

    - Rasmita Sahoo
  • Book Reviews

    Jagadish Gan-Choudhuri’s Folk-tales of Tripura

    - Reviewed by Bhaskar Roy Barman
  • Jaydeep Sarangi’s The Wall and Other Poems

    - Reviewed by Patricia Prime
  • K. Srilata’s Writing Octopus: A Collection of Poems

    - Reviewed by Jaydeep Sarangi
  • Pashupati Jha’s Awaiting Eden Again (A Collection of Poems)

    - Reviewed by Vijay Kumar Roy

    Ada Aharoni

    A Bridge of Peace

    Cosmic Woman

    Peace is a Woman

    Eve's Defence

    Palm Curve

    I Want to Kill You War

  • Vinay Kumar Dubey

    You Will Remember Me

    The Two of Us

    A Conversation

  • Sudhir Narayan Singh

    Rain...! Rain...! Manipurian Rain...!

  • Vijay Kumar Roy


    Religion is an Alarm


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