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An Internationl Research Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences

ISSN: 2395-2423 (Online)
ISSN: 2319-7889 (Print)

Volume 6, January 2018

GUEST EDITOR: Prof. Chiramel Paul Jose, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Table of Contents



  • “The Divine Image” and “A Divine Image”

    - Chiramel Paul Jose
  • Depiction of Women as Resourceful Social Service Providers in Sunset at Dawn and Half of a Yellow Sun

    - Robert Obioha
  • Literature and the Society: Lack of Patriotism and Unity of Purpose and Nigerian Democratic Government

    - Evelyn Nwachukwu Urama
  • The Fictional Narratives of Easterine Kire: A New Historicist Study

    - W. Meribeni Patton
  • On the Margins: Theorising Spivak’s “Can the Subaltern Speak?”e

    - Hemangi Bhagwat and Madhavi Arekar
  • Existentialism and Hindi Films

    - Poojaba Jadeja
  • Spiritual Quest in Vijay Kumar Roy’s Realm of Beauty and Truth: A Collection of Poems

    - Somasundari Latha
  • A Critical Analysis of the Select Advertisements with Reference to Beauty Stereotype

    - Saroj Kumar
  • Archetypal Patterns of Politics in Third Cinema

    - Gaurav Mathur
  • Understanding the Interplay of Signifiers and the Signified(s): A Semiotic Analysis of Anti-Obesity Ad Images

    - Sukanya Saha
  • Policies of Survival: Where Happiness Epitomises Freedom: A Study of Mahasweta Devi’s Urvashi O Johnny

    - Goutam Karmakar
  • Diasporic Cultural Dilemmas and Ecological Insight in Taslima Nasreen’s Fera

    - Jayeeta Nag
  • Examining Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood as a Cli-Fi: An Effort Towards Survival and Sustainability

    - Suman Makhaik Kalra
  • Colonial Nostalgia and Destabilizing the Imperial Voice: A Study of William Dalrymple and Vikram Seth’s Selected Travel Narratives

    - Tanima Shome
  • Struggle of Social Classes in Maupassant’s Select Short Stories

    - Richa Smriti and Aroonima Sinha
  • Alienated Self in Shashi Deshpande’s Small Remedies

    - Vinay Kumar Dubey
  • Black Rice - An Extensive Review

    - Imana Pal

    • Vijay Kumar Roy’s The Social, Cultural and Spiritual Dimensions of Modern Indian Poetry in English

      - S. A. R. Abidi
    • Alison Hackett’s Crabbing: A Collection of Poems

      - James Lawless
    • Muthoni Likimani’s My Blood Not For Sale

      - B. M. Shiholo
    • C. L. Kharti’s For You to Decide

      - Somasundari Latha
    • Shyam Singh Shashi’s Nomads of India

      - Vijay Kumar Roy
    • Ada Aharoni’s The Woman in White: An Extraordinary Life

      - Judith Bara


    • Children are Stars of Peace
      The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

      - Ada Aharoni
    • Staying to Watch the Massage and Bathing of My Granddaughter, Aged Four Months

      - Dorit Weisman
    • Western Wind

      - Alan Britt
    • Rain

      - Ceri Naz
    • She will be what he can be!

      - Ira Jha
    • True Peace

      - Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
    • In the Smoke

      - Steffen Horstmann
    • Reflections of Catalonia: A Tanka Sequence

      - Neal Whitman
    • The Pageantry of Love and Life

      - K. Pankajam
  • The Half-Life of Memory

    - Patricia Prime
  • Fighter
    Profitable Slaughter

    - Warren Lee Nair
  • The Working Day

    - Vinay Kumar Dubey


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