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An International Research Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Ars Artium is an annual international research journal that aims at providing a forum for dissemination of knowledge through scholarly and critical discussions in the fields of English and Cultural Studies. It also accepts book reviews and poetry.

The key areas for research papers: English Language, World Literatures in English, and Cultural Studies.


Authors are requested to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

Style and Citation
The journal follows MLA Style (7th edition). The paper submitted must be completely in English. For the quotations in other languages, their English translation must be provided. Quotation of poem should be followed by the title of the poem under double quotation marks preferably with line number(s) of the poem in brackets; in the case of prose pieces, last name of the author with the page number(s) of the book should be used. Please try to avoid using only page numbers in text.

Quotations of two to three lines (both in prose and poetry) should be used in the running paragraph. Long citations should be indented without changing the font size, and space of a line should be provided above and below.

Original unpublished:

  1. Research paper: About 3000 to 5000 words, including Abstract (150 to 200 words), Keywords (5 to 7) and Works Cited.
  2. Book review: About 1500 to 2500 words (Review of a book will be considered for publication if it has been published recently.) A book review must contain full name of the author/editor/translator, full name of the book italicised, place/city of publication, name of publisher, year of publication, total number of pages, form of publication (HB for hard bound, PB for paperback, or e-book), price of book (with sign of currency), and thirteen digits ISBN or ASIN followed by full name and institutional address of the reviewer.
  3. Poem: Maximum 20 lines each poem.


  1. Paper Size: A4 (margin 1 inch on all four sides).
  2. Full title of the paper: Times New Roman, font size 14, bold.
  3. Main body of the paper: Times New Roman, 12, justified, 1.5 line space.
  4. Please don’t use foot notes, use end notes before Works Cited section.

Works Cited
This section should follow the MLA style (7th edition). Please read the citation guidelines thoroughly while preparing it. All works cited in the text should be used in this section in alphabetical order.

Book Review
Send a copy of the book to the editor-in-chief: Dr Vijay Kumar Roy, C/O: Paragon International Publishers, 5, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi – 110002, INDIA for review of the book. Book reviews can also be emailed to the editor-in-chief directly for publication and a copy of the book should be sent to the above address.

Declaration of Originality
The paper must be accompanied with a declaration: “The paper entitled ..................... is my original research work which is not published anywhere and has not been sent for publication anywhere else.” The declaration should be followed by the author’s full name or signature with date, current designation, full name of the department, full office address.

Bio-note and Contact Details
A fifty-word bio-note of the contributor with brief career history should be provided followed by his/her name, current designation, institutional affiliation (full office address with Postal PIN), mobile number and email address. Full home address with Postal PIN should also be provided.

Other Important Information

  1. Authors should be careful regarding grammatical and typing error.
  2. Please mention the funding agency of your research, if your research has been funded by some agency.
  3. All authors must strictly adhere to the academic ethics. There is zero tolerance for plagiarism.
  4. Before sending papers for consideration, all authors are requested to must read and follow the ethical issues available on: http://publicationethics.org/
  5. Please do not send more attachments. Provide all requirements in a single Word File.
  6. Please do not send the same paper for consideration to another journal at the same time without communicating with the editor-in-chief or withdrawing it.

Submission and Publication Fees
There are no submission and publication fees for Ars Artium.

Subscription Fee (Hard Copy)

Individual / Institutional Rs. 2000 [India] / US $ 60 [Abroad]

Discount: There is a fifty per cent discount in subscription fee of the journal for the individual members of the World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAAR).

All contributors and institutions are requested to subscribe to the hard copy of Ars Artium and support the publisher to meet all expenses of print and online publication and the maintenance of the website. Please contact on the given email address.


All members of the World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAAR) are preferred and encouraged in publication of their research papers, book reviews and poems on the sole merit of their quality. There is no fee for online publication for the members of WAAR. They can also get benefit in subscription fee of hard copy as stated above. For membership, please log on to: http://waoar.org/become-a-member/


Join hands with the World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAAR) for organizing conference, seminar and invited lecture.

The team of Ars Artium welcomes the conference and seminar organisers to get the selected and peer-reviewed papers of their conference/seminar published in its Special Issue. The published papers will be freely accessible (online) for study and research purposes. Wide range of indexing of the journal will increase the visibility and readability of the published papers. Proposal for the same can be sent to the editor-in-chief through an email.


Editor-in-chief: Ars Artium
C/o Paragon International Publishers
5, Ansari Road, Daryaganj
New Delhi – 110002 (INDIA)
Emails: arsartiumjournal@gmail.com;
Phone: +91-11-23275092